dissabte, 9 de juliol de 2016


Guess the famous sight behind us?

YESSSSS! That's London Eye! And guess who was waiting there for us?

HOLLY! She has spent the whole day with us in the city!

Dan has taken us from The Embankment to Westminster. Here we have seen some of the most famous views of London.

The Thames and Waterloo Bridge.

The Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Buckingham Palace.

A short rest in Saint James' Park.

And off to M&M store!

And Convent Garden with lots of thongs to do and see!

Other funny images of today:

And it's been a looooong and tiring day:

And, finally, it's time to say goodbye to our Activity Leaders, Catherine and Dan, the best ever! Thank you very much!!!!!

divendres, 8 de juliol de 2016

Graduation - Friday Part 2

In the afternoon, all our students have got their certificates. Let's have a look:

Marc Rodríguez:

Paula Zurita:

Sonia Zurita:

Arnau Gómez:

Elsa Reixach:

Marta Puigvert:

Carla Velasco:

Anna Reixach:

Júlia Soler:

Selena Florido:

Aina Sabio:

Laura Valls:

Yaiza Torres:

Josep Vilaró:

Clara Cabello:

Carlota Puig:

Eric Teixidor:

Joaquim Teixidor:

Angels Reluz:

Marc Geremias:

Laia Rodríguez:

Pol Cañellas:

Paula Sánchez:

Telma García:

Clàudia Zurita:

Lucia Ribas:

Alba Bachs:

Carla Esteban: