dilluns, 27 de juny de 2016

The English Experience

Our first day at The English Experience School. All the students have taken their tests to know their level of English and tomorrow they will be put in different groups. At the moment there are two groups of Spanish students but in a couple of days some Italian and French students are coming.
We are now getting to know the new school, the new teachers, the activity leaders and the city center. I guess we have a lot of new information at a time...

When the lessons finished, we have been to the Cathedral green with the students to have our packed lunch! We'll see what the experience is like... Some students were asking where McDonals was! What's for sure is that they don't want 'cucumber' in their sandwiches!

At 14:00, we went back to school where our activities leaders have taken us through the city center, and show us the most important and useful places to move around. Then, after the visit, we have been taken to our bus stops to get home!

Some activities and games with Catherine and Daniel, our Activity Leaders.

And some students at the market place.

Some of the families have pets.

And this is what two of our students have had for dinner.

Exciting expecience: the teachers had to go to the rescue of some students who got lost this morning!

The word of the day: cucumber!

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