diumenge, 26 de juny de 2016

11:00 at Girona Airport

Everybody on time! Well done! That's a good start.
Queue, drop our suitcases, check-in, last instructions and we are on board. Everybody is so excited!

The flight is not very long, about two hours. Some students have changed the seats so that they can sit next to their friends, and they have eaten their lunch on board.
Time to take our suitcases, it's not a very long wait but we are all waiting to get to Norwich and meet our host families.
When we got to the airport, Catherine, an activity leader of our summer school, was waiting for us, with our students' welcome packs which include maps, general information, our bus passes,...
Our families were waiting for us, and took us to our home for the following two weeks. First contacts have been very positive, but let's see how their first contact with the British food is... We'll tell you tomorrow!

Now, some of the images that our students have sent... You can see a bit of everything.

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