dissabte, 2 de juliol de 2016


Today we have been to Cambridge, city of colleges! What a city! Full of colleges, amazing buildings, full of people... A very exciting place, full of life!
It has 31 colleges, with more of 20000 students, and it is considered to be one of the five best universities of the whole world.
It has had very important students along its long story: 89 Nobel Prize winners, six prime ministers, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking!
All the colleges have stunning buildings and stories. We have visited one of the biggest and most beautiful: St. John's College.

St John's is the second-biggest college after Trinity. Founded in 1511 by Henry VII's mother, Margaret Beaufort, it sprawls along both river banks, joined by the Bridge of Sighs, a masterpiece of stone tracery and focus for student pranks.

The Bridge of Sighs:

And pictures of the Backs of St. Johns:

In the Chapel of St. John's:

We have also see other amazing views of Cambridge. For example, the Mathematical Bridge, only built with straight pieces of wood.

Another view and punting boats.

This is the Corpus Clock, in the Corpus Christi College. It is made of gold and it shows the time and an animal running that represents it is eating 'time'. It was unveiled by Stephen Hawkins in 2008. It is said that it cost £1million!

This is the apple tree that originally grew thaks to Isaac Newton's apple! That's what they say...

Corpus Christi College: 

King's College:

And greetings from the teachers:

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